Subdivision Platting

Platting a subdivision is the process of taking a large tract of land and subdividing it into smaller parcels, sometimes called plots. A Subdivision survey would show the monumentation on a map that conforms to local laws and ordinances. City ordinances provide a standard for designating lots, parking, right-of-way, drainage and utility easements, and address how city services will be extended to each lot. Subdividing a lot may be as simple of dividing a space into two pieces, or can include creating whole subdivisions with construction phases and 100’s of new parcels.

Platting and Mapping

Subdivision descriptions can use either Metes and Bounds or Lot-and-Block descriptions. Lot-and-Block system is used widely in the west where physical descriptions of a parcel lack physical, significant and permanent boundaries within the tract of land that is being subdivided. Each lot is assigned an identifier and then the plat map is registered with the proper government authority. This plan becomes the legal description of all the the parcels in the subdivision.

A subdivision project involves boundary and topographical surveys, design and layout of the particular tract and parcel descriptions.

Professional Survey Requirements

Every county and municipality in Idaho regulate the division of property. We address and conform our survey reporting to include everything from minimum lot size, minimum street width, easement, corner marks, and follow all of the rules of registry. When we are done, each parcel will have accurate descriptions and be ready for review from planning and zoning, title companies, and regulators.



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