Commercial Land Surveys

Commercial Land Surveys contain accurate measurements and in-depth analysis of the real property and improvements located on the property.  In some cases, commercial property may need a survey when bought or sold, before and during the land development process, or when an owner needs to protect her/his property rights.  Commercial Land Surveys differ in both size and complexity from other projects and require an experienced team who can complete the public research, conduct the survey, and establish accurate descriptions of the property and improvements.

Commercial Land Surveys

Commercial Land Surveys go way beyond establishing corner posts.  Architects, engineers, title companies, city inspectors and planners, elected officials all use information from land surveys.  Everything from calculating the amount of fill needed to reach grade, providing for acceptable drainage, preparing descriptions for public comment relies on experienced Land Surveys.

Construction and Project Support

You can count on Idaho Survey Group to support you through the land development, construction, or sales process.  In many cases, surveys must be reconciled with as-builts, ongoing support for field surveys, confirming or establishing Utility and Reciprocal Easements, setbacks, parcel descriptions, intersections, and more.  Idaho Survey Group has the knowledge, expertise and tools to complete any Commercial Land Survey. We set the standard in commercial land surveys.



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