Public Works and Highway Projects

  • US-30 & UPRR Bridge
  • Ora Bridge
  • Boise Airport Taxiway Rehab
  • I84 to Ridgeway
  • State Highway 69
  • Teed Middle School
  • Mtn View High School

Multi-Family Projects

  • Baraya Apt Construction Staking
  • Charter Point 4-plex
  • Silver Oaks 4-plex
  • Grange Valley Condos
  • Aspen Creek Apartments
  • BSU New Student Housing
  • Albertsons College Student Apartments

Single Family Subdivision Projects

  • Boulder Heights Estates
  • Harris Ranch
  • Dry Creek Subdivision
  • Avimor Sub
  • Canyon Creek
  • Southern Ridge

Commercial Projects

  • St. Lukes Roadways
  • Nampa Industrial Building
  • Maverik Stores
  • Jacksons Food Stores
  • Boise State Fine Arts Building
  • ICCU Credit Unions
  • Trust Storage
  • Bluebird Car Wash

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Elephant Swelling Clay
  • Idaho Dept of Agriculture
  • Penitentiary Canal Greenbelt
  • Secech Meadows Boundary Survey
  • Atlanta Gold Mine- Atlanta, Id

In addition to the above list of projects, our staff has prepared and recorded subdivision plats and provided construction staking support for over 800 platted lots annually in recent years.