Surveying Multi-Family and Mixed Use Developments

Idaho Survey Group surveys multi-dwelling units such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses and Mixed-Use developments.  Mapping a multi-dwelling unit presents special challenges because of the number of improvements on the property.  When properties are densely populated, then there are also additional utilities, easements, and boundary issues to consider.  An accurate survey is necessary to ensure property rights and shared-walls are well documented.  Idaho Survey Group specializes in difficult and ancient boundary surveys and we produce detail oriented and timely ALTA surveys.

Multi-Family or Multi-Dwelling Developments

Are you purchasing, selling or developing an apartment complex, condominium, townhouse, or retirement community?  Idaho Survey Group works to ensure your survey is detailed, accurate and affordable.  Your existing property may require updated Elevation/Flood Certification, have new zoning and building requirements, and newly established ingress/egress patterns since the property was originally built and surveyed.

Mixed Use and Planned Developments

Studies show that mixed-use and planned community developments are on the rise.  The live-work space model is a popular urban development strategy that integrates residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and/or entertainment uses.  Planned communities are generally developed on bare land where every detail of the community is carefully planned from its inception.  Both of these environments require knowledgeable and experienced surveyors that document every aspect of the property and surrounding areas.



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