Surveying for Public Works Projects

Public Works projects are projects funded with public monies including parks and recreation, roads, water & sewer, government buildings, irrigation and canal systems, natural gas, public transportation systems, schools… and the list goes on and on. Federal, state, & local governments and districts need an experienced and versatile team that can perform any public works projects.

Experienced, Versatile, and Independent Surveys

Idaho Survey Group has multiple teams that work in house to meet the demands of public sector projects. We provide surveying, consulting, and reporting services to government officials, planning and zoning boards, and contractors. We provide independent surveys, assessments and results. Our surveys and accompanying data allow your public works project to meet a standard that helps you influence public policy decisions. We can survey environmental impact areas, verify public domain boundaries, establish and maintain easements, and a myriad of other needs a public works project requires.



Public Works

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